Public Safety is: Time Critical, Labor Intensive and Highly Technical

Thank you Anacortes!

Proposition 1 passes with 68% of the vote! See the latest election results.


See the City’s new Atown Magazine for a detailed description of the problems the City is trying to solve with Proposition 1.

Three Reasons to Vote Yes!

We need more police and firefighter/medics to keep up with the growing number of 911 calls.

Our police department is generally the only agency available to respond to any public safety call, and our fire department is the only staffed agency available to respond to both fire and emergency medical (ambulance) calls. 


Fire/EMS calls have increased 60% over the last 10 years, with no corresponding increase in staffing. In 2022, there were:
  • 275 times when no firefighter/medics were available to respond to a call
  • 899 times when only two firefighter/medics were available to respond to a call


Police 911 calls are up over the last 10 years, driving down police capacity to work other crime by 30%. We’ve added no patrol officers in that period. In 2022, there were three incidents where a gun was fired. Anacortes historically has no gun incidents.

Since 2018, compared to a five-year average, crime has increased:

thefts ▲ 52%burglaries ▲ 35%vehicle prowls ▲ 16%stolen vehicles ▲ 105%

We need more police and firefighter/medics available for every call.


  • We have only 6 firefighter/medics, spread across 3 stations, on duty in the entire city at any time.  
  • We need at least 4 firefighter/medics for every serious medical emergency or to enter a structure fire to search for survivors. 
  • Rapid response is critical to save lives. 
  • By industry standards for comparable cities, we should have 9-12 firefighters on duty. 


  • During some times of day, only 2 police officers are on patrol for the entire city.  
  • Many individual 911 calls require at least 4 police officers to safely respond, including for detailed reporting of domestic violence situations, de-escalation, or apprehension of suspects. 

Anacortes is proud to be a safe and healthy community. Let’s keep it that way.

Effective response to medical, fire, and police calls is crucial to the health and safety of our community!
  • Investment in our public safety agencies is necessary for our quality of life. 
  • Our first responders are always there for us in our greatest time of need. Let’s help them help us! 

Revenue from the levy will be spent exclusively on providing better public safety staffing. The levy would add: 

  • 8 firefighter/medics, which would provide an additional 2-person fire/medic unit 24 hours a day.  
  • 5 police officers to ensure better coverage 24 hours a day.